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Aug 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
at the university of texas md anderson cancer center. bo biden is the attorney general of delaware. he was admitted to the cancer center as a patient tuesday. following tests there on monday. doctors are trying to determine the cause of a severe bout of disorientation dizziness and weakness bo biden suffered last week during a family vacation. md anderson center specializes in the detection and treating rare forms of cancer but there's no diagnosis yet so there's no treatment plan. the younger biden sought treatment medically in chicago and philadelphia before arriving in houston at the cancer center. on monday when he got to houston, bo biden sent out, via twitter, this picture of he and his wife suggesting he was very happy at all the good wishes he received. vice president biden is scheduled to appear friday in his hometown of scranton pennsylvania, with president obama, as part of the president's bus tour promoting new ideas on college affordability. sources say mr. biden's schedule may change because he may need to spend more time with bo biden. but the friday appearance
Aug 23, 2013 7:00am EDT
issue and remain so today. federal government suing state of texas over new id law which is discriminatory. >> texas is the only state that is discriminating in redistricting. in june, supreme court ruled to remove the -- to seek pre-clearance from the department of justice before making changes to election and redistricting laws. justice department is using a different part of the act in the texas case. now to the violent death of a community activist in d.c. >> police say someone shot timothy dawkins where he lived. the 24 year old studied to become a preacher. he had plans to run for ant commission e commissioner. >> he had an old soul. we traveled with kids to tennessee for training. we more examples especially black men. we lost out here. >> police don't have a suspect or motive. there have been more than 20 shootings on the same block. he blames the violence on the problems he and dawkins were trying to fix. >> justice for vanessa pham. a jury has handed down the verdict in the stabbing death of the teenager. >> we have set it at 49 years, 30 years plus 19 years of
Aug 1, 2013 7:00am PDT
pretty much everything you do online. >> george zimmerman's been spending a little time in texas. >> pulled over outside of texas while carrying a gun. >> what a coincidence. >> overnight, it became legal in two more states for gay couples to legally tie the knot. >> it was so powerful. >> simon cowell reportedly expecting a baby with new york socialite lauren silverman said to be married to one of cowell's close friends. >> the 50th state has budgeted $100,000 to buy one way tickets to the mainland. >> why can't we offer the same deal to the mayor of san diego? >> and all that matters. >> how can i trust you with your failings when you can't be trusted in your own family? >> i didn't do anything to you. >> that anthony weiner -- >> "cbs this morning." >> we're going to have to patch things up. i'm inviting him for a beer. >> i'm running for re-election in new jersey. i really don't have time for that. >> oh, no, he didn't! >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. good morning gayle. >> good morning, charlie. >> edward snowed beden is fi
Aug 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
is in second place. republican congressman, mike mccall of texas is worth $110 million. the richest member of congress is california republican, darryl issa. million. >>> the well-known crime novelist, elmore leonard has died after complications from a stroke. leonard wrote nearly 50 books and many more short stories. several works were turned into movies, including, get shorty, out of sight, get ombre and three tens to uma. they say he died at his home in suburban detroit, he was 87 years old. >> the first family has adopted a second dog. her name, sunny. she is a protuguese water dog, the same breed as obama's other dog, bo. the white house released photos of sunny yesterday. he was born 14 months ago in michigan. the two dogs appear to be getting along just fine. bo was a gift from the late senator ted kennedy in 2009. so bo has a playmate. >> a little boy and a little girl to play together. i think it is good when your dog has a pal. >> i do. >> i do. nicely done. >>> prince william and his wife, kate, have released their first official photos of their newborn son, prince george. the t
Aug 5, 2013 7:00am PDT
to see you. johnny manziel, a quarterback at texas a&m is accused of signing items in exchange for a fee while being honored at the bcs championship game in january. jen glory is with us. good morning. >> good morning. we sat down with him. that was a high. the off-season has had its share of lows including this investigation. sources tell cbs sports that manziel, the winner of the hiezman fro fi signed photographs and other memorabilia for another breeker in early january. he was paid upwards of 5 fills to sign the items. they grew special when signed items kept popping up on ebay. if players violate those laws they could be ruled ineligible. produce feldman, a righter with cbs sports says texas a&m must now decide how to handle their star player. >> if they play him and they find mid-season he was, they would have forfeited all the games. >> it is just the latest in a series of headline grabbing events this season. he's been spotted courtside at nba games and petring alongside athletes and celebrities. early he pleaded guilty to bar fight and later he
Aug 7, 2013 7:00am PDT
. exercise is good for your body and it is good for your soul. >> he cleared brush at his ranch in texas, was an avid runner before taking up mountain biking and took pride in staging challenging rides for his staff and the press. he also watched his weight. >> i'm a little overweight. therefore, fully intend to lose some inches off my waistline and some pounds off my frame. >> ed gillespie was a white house adviser and a running partner. >> president shied away from processed foods and late night big meals, did not drink wine or beer or alcohol. >> along with that healthy lifestyle, since leaving office president bush has also taken up painting. sometimes he paints for two or three hours a day. if you look back and think back he told charlie during the interview this past spring, that the painting had brought him relaxation and a whole new way of looking at the world. maybe he will be doing a lot more painting in the months and years to come. >> jan crawford thanks. >>> the cleveland house where ariel castro held three women captive is now destroyed. one of those women,
Aug 12, 2013 7:00am PDT
bipartisan support. states like arkansas and texas already have imposed their own policies to lower prison overcrowding so he may have some bipartisan support for all of this. >> thank you. >>> and president is taking a break from washington this week. he's spending time with his family on martha's vineyard. the vacation comes as the president's approval rating is taking a nose-dive. major garrett is traveling with the president. >> reporter: every president needs to get away. president obama has done so less than his predecessor, president george w. bush. 14 trip and 92 vacation days compared to 50 trips and 223 for mr. bush. one common thread mr. obama's beginning to experience some second term blues. the president stepped on to the island paradise confronting some of the diceiest poll numbers of his presidency. it's only one poll but gallup constantly tracks his approval. 50% of the country disapproving. his approval rating was 51% last year a low not seen since december 2011. it's usually due to defections among democrats. revelations of counterterrorism surveillanc
Aug 13, 2013 7:00am PDT
, to a texas prisonering waiting tour executed. >> vanilla cake ice cream emotion, shock value it's not in the film. but it touches -- it touches our hearts very deeply. >> reporter: herzog insisted on interviewing all of the people profiled in the documentary. the mother whose son is now paralyzed. >> any money understands. >> reporter: and the driver who hit an amish buggy, killing three people including a 3 and 5-year-old. >> please don't ever text and drive. it's life. you get one chance. and you live with the choices you make. >> reporter: herzog says his message is clear. >> don't text while driving. it's simply said. pull over, do your message and then drive on. >> reporter: now, the documentary is called "from one second to the next." it's available online. and charlie, and norah, listen to this this is important. it's also going to be distributed to 40,000 schools across the country. >> all right, jan, thank you. >> they've attempted to do smartphone things that get you to realize you can't do it. >> i think it's not just texting, too. you can be drivin
Aug 23, 2013 7:00am PDT
i.d. law in texas. in june, the supreme court struck down a key provision of the voting rights act. >> the news journal william on it delaware says bo biden is back at hope. he underwent a procedure this weekend at a cancer hospital in houston. his father, vice president joe biden, was seen leaving the md anderson cancer center yesterday. biden is not giving specifics about his son's procedure. the vice president's heading to scranton, pennsylvania, where he grew up, for an appearance tonight with president obama. >> atlanta journal constitution says the president called a woman who encouraged a gunman to give himself up at a georgia elementary school. the president thanked antoinette tuff for her courage and calm. tuff received the call yesterday as she was in the makeup call getting really to appear on "anderson cooper 360." she said talking to the president was awesome. >> there are flash flood warnings in the colorado springs area this morning. up to 5 inches of rain fell yesterday in parts of colorado. it led to many water rescues and several road closings. there was also larg
Aug 26, 2013 7:00am PDT
this morning how a 12-year-old texas boy kept his cool in the face of danger deion was home alone when to burglars broke into his home. >> they just broke the window welcome ma'am. >> they broke the window what room are you in? >> i'm in my mother's room right now, please hurry. >> so is the police officer outside of the house, yeah but stay inside the the closet because they're trying to find the bad guys okay? you're doing good doing real good. you're doing perfect. >> this is actually the only thing i could think of. >> well you thought well you thought well you're a very very smart young man. >> one cool kid. >> the operator did a great job as well. the police arrested the two men as they tried to flee the home. >>> the fed ex cup play offs wrapped up this weekend. >>> also playing over the weekend was eric compton. one of the world's most remarkable golfers. now as jeff glor reports, compton is having one of the best years of his career. >> six years ago, eric compton was not concerned about hitting the green, he was trying to stay alive. >> i was basically dea
Aug 28, 2013 7:00am PDT
today whether the ft. hood texas shooter major hasan will be executed. >> just in time for the holiday weekend, there's a shark scare off the southern california coast. >> all that -- >> she's done it, upset of the championship. welcome to the big time victoria duval. >> and all that matters. >> dr. king would say the election of barack obama is not necessarily the fulfillment of my dream but only a downpayment. >> on "cbs this morning." >> billy ray was supposed to be on the show tonight. i'm not quite sure he's worked out what his explanation is yet. >> you know what i heard on the asylum in russia. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie and norah are off today but anthony mason is here. >> hello, gayle king. >> good to see you. as you wake up in the west, the u.s. is building its case for a military strike against syria. an attack could come within days. u.s. officials plan to release an intelligence report as early as today. ties the syrian government to last week's chemical weapons attacks that killed hundreds. >> now say they need four more days to finish their investigation.
Aug 29, 2013 7:00am PDT
if the administration let congress authorize this activity. >> an oil rig explosion near a highway in southwest texas. all employees were evacuated safely and have been accounted for. >> former nfl star turned murder suspect aaron hernandez cut ties with his family and teammates, surrounding himself only with a quote of gangsters. >> a jury has recommended the death penalty for ft. hood shooting suspect nidle hasan. >> a rocket lifted off, carrying a top secret spy satellite for the u.s. >> the san francisco area bracing for a commuter nightmare that will drag on for five days. the busy bay bridge now closed. >> vandalism caught on video. a customer explodes in anger. >> this 11-year-old is not heading to middle school. this 11-year-old is going to college. >> it's basically just like high school. >> and all that matters. >> president obama stood as dr. king did at the linkcoln memorial and addressed a crowd of thousands. >> within the face of impossible odd odds, people who love their country. >> on cbs this morning. >> the trump damagetaj mahal. >> finally, the graduates of trum
Aug 2, 2013 7:00am PDT
had a location for it because there is a park in bass drop, texas, just outside of austin, that really was ravaged by fire. it was a really interesting environment. so he went there, saw it and thought, this is really amazing-looking. it would be cool to have a movie here. then, he thought of the title. we just didn't know what the movie was. that came later. >> what is the movie about for people who haven't seen it? >> well it's emile hirsch and i play two guys that are painting lines on the road as exciting as that sounds. >> very exciting job. >> it's a remake of an icelandic film called "either way" which was only made a few years ago. it is a very small film. it is great. when david was thinking of what the movie would be somebody turned him on to this and he watched it. let's remake that. let's put our own spin on it. >> from anchorman to after vavalanche we all laughed out loud. you were coming back at brian santana. >> it was a blast. it was surreal just to see those guys in their costumes again and to be in that costume. >> this is what's so funny
Aug 6, 2013 7:00am PDT
-martial of army major nadal hasan begins in ft. hood, texas. hassan is representing him. that means he will be able to question survivors of the attack in court. sergeant alonzo lunsford has endured nine operations and lost sight in his left eye. he spoke with our own anna w werner. >> what do you think will be the most difficult part of being there in the courtroom. >> being in front of a man that not only tried to kill me once but seven times. >> what is justice to you in this case? >> in a perfect world, an eye for an eye. let him be judged by the law would definitely be by stoning. if that's the case, let each one of us have a chance to give it the old american pitch. >> hassan could face the death penalty if convicted. >> the fate of reputed mobster whitey bulger is about to go to the jury. a prosecutor called bulger one of the most vicious, violent and calculating criminals ever to walk the streets of boston. cbs analyst ricky kleeman in boston. >> what is the defense hoping for? >> the defense is asking for their kind of justice. they appeal to patriotism of the jurors. they tol
Aug 12, 2013 7:00am EDT
in manhattan, this has bipartisan support. states like arkansas and texas have already imposed their own policies to lower prisoners. >> thank you. >>> and president obama is taking a break from washington this week. he's spending time with his family on martha's vineyard, but va t the vacation comes as the economy nosedives. >> the president has done so less than his pred sez or george w. bush. 14 trips and 19 days. one kmon thread mr. obama's beginning to experience some second term blues. the president stepped onto the island paradise confronting some of the diceiest poll numbers of his presidency. it's only one poll but gallop constantly tracks presidential approval. mr. obama's is at 42% with 50% of the country disapproving. his approval rating was 41% last week, a low not seen since december of 201. when the president's approval rating dips this low, it's usually due to defections among democrats. surveillance have unsettled the president's place. republicans accuse him of ducking the issue for weeks. >> when the story initially broke, the president went un
Aug 22, 2013 7:00am PDT
violated the constitution. >>> in texas, the paper says closing arguments are expected today in the trial of major hasan. he's charged with killing 13 people in the ft. hood shooting. hasan represented himself and made no attempt to prove his innocence. >>> according to britain's guardian, told him to resign during a mystical experience. the 86-year-old benedict stepped down in february. the first pope to do so in 600 years. >>> z net says yahoo! was number one in internet traffic last month. yahoo! got a boost after buying the popular blogging site tumblr >>> starting out with some low clouds around the bay area this morning. the thunderstorms are out of town. that means we're going to watch things calm down become more seasonal outside. clouds trying to break up out over the bay. we are going to see more sunshine there today. and looking good. low pressure finally scooting out of the way. that means well, we're going to see some sun this afternoon and no threat of thunderstorms. inland. around the bay. patchy fog toward the coast. next couple of days, warming up into friday. then coolin
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)